NOVA Middle/High School
2320 West Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

P: (414) 874-0283
F: (414) 874-0284
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Who We Are . . .

The Northwest Opportunities Vocational Academy (NOVA) was founded in 1993 as an alternative, school-to-work program for “at-risk” students residing on the northwest side of Milwaukee.

In partnership with the Milwaukee Public Schools, NOVA Middle/High school is operated
by TransCenter for Youth, Inc.. One hundred students in grades 7-12 are offered a full day program,
which leads to a high school diploma.

Our Mission . . .

Our mission is to graduate proficient, confident, and respectful young scholars with the educational
and social skills necessary to compete in our ever-changing world.

Our Goals . . .

• Grow into confident, productive members of society.

• Stay in school, learn new skills/concepts, and graduate.

• Practice respect, responsibility, and self awareness in our daily lives.

• Become hardworking, critical thinking students that will lead an honest, safe, and healthy life.

• Build positive relationships that will create a safe learning community.

Middle School Course Offerings (Grades 7-8)

Students are expected to meet the academic standards set forth by the staff. High school credits
earned in the Middle School are only transferable to NOVA High School.

7th Grade

Students must meet the following requirements to be moved up to 9th grade:

• 2.5 Cumulative GPA.

• Mature Behavior.

• 90% Attendance/Timeliness.

8th Grade

Students must meet the following requirements to earn high school credits:

• Achieve a “B” or better in subjects.

• Mature Behavior.

• 90% Attendance/Timeliness.

Middle school subjects include the following:

Electives: Physical Education, Health , Enrichment , Arts.

Math/Science: Earth Science, Math.

Humanities: Civics, Geography, English, Reading.
High School Course Offerings (Grades 9-12)

All high school students are expected to conduct themselves as young adults. They are expected
to help create a collegiate atmosphere conducive to higher learning.

High school courses include a variety of classes in math, science, history, and language arts.
Science and the humanities follow a three-year cycle:

Electives: Physical Education, Enrichment, Typing Art.

Math/Science: Biology, Chemistry, Algebra Geometry.

Humanities: History, Reading, English, Geography.

Required Areas & Credits for High School Diploma:

English: 4 credits.

Math: 2 credits.

Science: 3 credits.

Social Studies: 3 credits including .5 credit Civics.

Fine Arts: 1 credit.

Health: 1 credit.

Physical Education: 1.5 credits.

Elective Classes: 6.5 credits.

TOTAL: 22 credits.
Classroom Expectations

NOVA has three core expectations of all of our students:

Be safe

• Follow directions.

• Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

• Leave personal belongings in your locker.

• Report safety concerns to staff.

Be responsible

• Arrive to class on time.

• Do your BEST work (class work & homework.)

• Keep ALL electronic devices put away.

• Bring needed supplies to class.

• Actively participate in class and ask for assistance when needed.

Be respectful

• Enter class quietly, take assigned seat, begin work.

• Treat EVERYONE with courtesy and respect.

• Use appropriate voice level in the classroom.

• Help keep classroom clean.

• Respect the opinions of others.
Zero Tolerance Policy

According to NOVA’s Zero Tolerance Policy, student’s found to be in violation of the expectations
set forth below will be immediately sent to a Central Office hearing at Milwaukee Public Schools.

Physical Violence

Perpetrators of physical violence may be considered for removal from NOVA.Stealing,
harassment, bullying, and verbal assault will not be tolerated in any form.

Weapons Possession

At no time may a student be in possession of a weapon on or around school grounds.
Students that are aware of another student that has a weapon should notify staff immediately
to ensure the safety of themselves and all students and staff. It may become necessary to
contact the authorities.

Drug, Alcohol, or Tobacco Possession

Students are not allowed to possess drugs, alcohol, or tobacco on school grounds.
A student believed to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs in school will be removed
from class and suspended.
NOVA Middle/High School
2320 West Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

P: (414) 874-0283
F: (414) 874-0284


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