NOVA Middle/High School
2320 West Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

P: (414) 874-0283
F: (414) 874-0284
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Enroll Today!

If you are interested in enrolling at NOVA, please fill out the "MPS Alternative School Application Form" which can be downloaded or printed from the link below.

Download | MPS Alternative School Application Form (PDF)

Please return application by either visiting our school, mail, email attachment, or fax.

2320 West Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206-1751

P: (414) 874-0283
F: (414) 874-0284

Project-Based Learning Curriculum

Project based learning (PBL) provides complex tasks based on challenging questions
or 11 problems that involve the students' problem solving, decision-making, investigative skills,
and reflection that include teacher facilitation, but not direction. Project Based Learning is
focused on questions that drive students to encounter the central concepts and principles
of a subject hands-on.

With Project Based Learning students learn from these experiences and take them into account
and apply them to their lives in the real world. PBL is a different teaching technique that promotes
and practices new learning habits. The students have to think in original ways to come up with
the solutions to these real world problems. Students will improve their creative thinking skills
by learning that there are many ways to solve a problem. Students will have two PBL learning
opportunities during the school day. As part of the regular PBL class students will focus on
computer skills, presentation skills, research skills, and writing skills.
General Information

Student Eligibility

NOVA serves students who are “at risk of not graduating high school” that reside in Milwaukee.
Preference is given to students who express a commitment to their education.


Since NOVA is an MPS Partnership School, students are not charged tuition, however, there may
be fees for field trips, projects, and special events. NOVA is operated by TransCenter for Youth, Inc.,
which is a tax-exempt charitable organization. All contributions to the school are tax deductible.
No student is denied services for financial reasons.

A Note to Parents / Guardians

NOVA encourages parents to participate in Parent / Teacher Meetings. Each NOVA student
and a parent will sign a Contract of Responsibility. Success is achieved without the cooperation
of family support systems. Building a thriving environment conducive to the education of our
children means working together. This also means getting involved in the lives of our children.
NOVA is not just a building or facility that houses children; we are a family and subscribe to
the African proverb: “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

Parent / Teacher Meetings

NOVA considers parental support and contact to be a necessary and important part of fostering
a child’s academic growth. Parent/Teacher Conferences are held four times during the school year.
Parents will be informed of the specific dates and times.
School Expectations

• We expect all students to treat each other with respect, courtesy, and concern for the dignity
   and uniqueness of others.

• Students are expected to contribute to a positive learning environment.

• Students are expected to remain in class the entire period.

• Students are expected to maintain 90 ~ 100% attendance and timeliness.

• Students are expected to earn at least a 2.50 GPA. Parents will be notified when a student’s
   grade falls below a “C” in any subject.

• Students, teachers, and staff are responsible for the upkeep of the building. Students will
   be responsible for any mess they make in the lunchroom, classroom, and bathroom.

• Students and teachers will contribute to maintaining a positive classroom ambience.

• Students should not sleep during class.

• Students are expected to take pride in their school. Vandalism of the school building or school
   property will not be tolerated.

• Students should use polite and proper language at all times. Swearing, gang references,
   or sexually explicit language will not be tolerated.

• Electronic devices may not be operated in the classrooms during the school hours.
   These items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.

• Inappropriate dress may not be worn in the school building. Examples include, but are not
   limited to: hats, headbands, saggy pants, grills, excessive gold/silver, scarves, clothing with
   sexual or drug related references.
NOVA Middle/High School
2320 West Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

P: (414) 874-0283
F: (414) 874-0284


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