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NOVA HS Alternative School Application

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Project-Based Learning Curriculum

Project based learning (PBL) provides complex tasks based on challenging questions or 11 problems that involve the students’ problem solving, decision-making, investigative skills, and reflection that include teacher facilitation, but not direction. Project Based Learning is focused on questions that drive students to encounter the central concepts and principles of a subject hands-on.

With Project Based Learning students learn from these experiences and take them into account and apply them to their lives in the real world. PBL is a different teaching technique that promotes and practices new learning habits. The students have to think in original ways to come up with the solutions to these real world problems. Students will improve their creative thinking skills by learning that there are many ways to solve a problem. Students will have two PBL learning opportunities during the school day. As part of the regular PBL class students will focus on computer skills, presentation skills, research skills, and writing skills.